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Projects Overview
Here you will see two very contrasting projects. In 'Gleam,' my team and I conceptualized and designed a mobile app, while 'Cascadia' involved transforming an existing table top board game into an application using C++.
My Contributions
In the game Gleam, my responsibilities encompassed crafting the environment art, developing the homepage, and collaboratively exploring the art style. In Cascadia, I took charge of the core elements, creating the game and player classes, and contributing to the command functions, shaping the fundamental structure of the gameplay.
A mobile game by business birds
October – December 2022
The game centers around a girl that tries to restore brightness in a world where light was once abundant but got misused by humanity. The environment, as well as nature itself, are turning against her, making it harder and harder to reach her goal. Along her journey, she helps creatures in different levels of the mountain, spreading kindness and gaining insights to overcome obstacles. Her resourcefulness becomes key in reuniting the world with its lost radiance, emphasizing the power of compassion in a challenging quest for balance and harmony.

Gleam is a puzzle – adventure mobile game for young adults and adults, consisting of an overall captivating story and various interesting puzzles and obstacles.It consists of 6 levels that stretch from a village to the highest point of the mountain. You have to help the girl to bring the light to its destination unharmed and to illuminate the world. The difficulty consists of various enemies who want to steal the light and also the environment that presents us with obstacles. The subconscious learning process is to be more considerate with energy, while helping others and being selfless. Helping others brings the world and nature into harmony.

Trailer of the game "Gleam"

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App currently in production via C++

October 2023 – now
"Cascadia" is a strategic board game where players create diverse habitats by drafting tiles representing different flora and fauna. By cleverly placing these tiles, players aim to attract wildlife and form specific patterns to score points. It is a quite well-known game which our team (of three) currently develop in an C++ application for digital use.  

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