Project Overview
The task at hand was to conceive and create an interactive prototype tailored for international trade shows on behalf of the company AVL. The prototype should align with AVL's brand identity and effectively showcases their innovative solutions.
My Contributions
As a team we worked on the concept and ideas. My responsibility was mainly the interface: I managed the integration from input on a small multitouch display, process the data in TouchDesigner with particle system animations and get a corresponding output on a 43-inch display, ensuring seamless user interaction.
"your input – our solution"
AVL fair installation project
october – december 2022
We took place in the competition of the client AVL and built a prototype for international fairs of the company. Our idea was to symbolize how the clients input gets transformed into a stunning solution. Many different parts of to work process of AVL are being combined to generate the best possible outcome. Our goal was to make the service of the company easier to understand and more interesting. The approach is very technical and meant to grab attention.

How We Did It:
We took the users input on a small multitouch display and turned it into a huge particle simulation with interactive parts on a 43 inch screen. We used TouchDesigner to process the data and visualize the input, from people touching the pad to seeing the particles on the screen.

Challenges We Faced:
It was the first time we built a prototype this big from scratch, which was challenging but also really enjoyable. Another tricky part was that we couldn't set it up at the competition ourselves; it had to start with just one button.

What Happened:
Despite the challenges, our project did really well! It won the competition, which was super exciting for us. It showed that our hard work paid off and the prototype stood out.

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