a short documentary

Project Overview
Exploring the intersection of feminism and sex work, the short documentary 'OnlyFans: Über Feminismus und Sex Work' delves into the narrative of an OnlyFans creator. The documentary sheds light on her beliefs, experiences, and the evolving landscape of feminism within the realm of sex work.
The team
In our first film project, we worked together in a team of three. From conceptualization to direction, camera work, editing, and post-production, we worked collectively, each contributing significantly to every stage.
Über Feminismus
und Sexwork"
Short Documentary
October – December 2022
Our short documentary tries to answer this question: Can sex work embody feminism? "OnlyFans: Über Feminismus und Sex Work" shows the perspective of an OnlyFans content creator. We gain insight into her experiences, pondering the feminist dimensions within sex work. Complementing this narrative, an interview with a consultant from the Women's Health Center provides an additional perspective. It enriching the discourse on this complex and nuanced subject. The film navigates the intricate relationship between feminism and sex work, showing different voices and viewpoints to shed light on the multifaceted nature of this discussion.

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