3d projects

Project Overview
The following projects were part of my studies, but also very enjoyable to create. The creative possibilities with 3D objects are limitless which makes it so fun.
My Approach
My 3D work primarily revolves around Blender, where I craft most of my projects, but I also occasionally delve into Cinema 4D.
3D Projects
Blender & C4D
Oct 2022 - July 2023
Here are a few examples of my 3D test projects. Some objects are simple everyday items that caught my eye, inspiring me to recreate them. Using a variety of materials and lighting, I aim to swiftly create captivating atmospheres that bring these objects to life in unique and engaging ways.

vinyl cover – eat ya veggies

For the new album 'eat ya veggies' by bbno$, I aimed to design a fresh album cover. Inspired by one of my favorite tracks, 'edamame,' the concept naturally revolved around this theme. To complement the slightly quirky nature of the music, I crafted a 3D chrome font to capture the vibe and essence of the song.

other prOjects

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