app design & development

Project Overview
Crafted for students, the project 'due.' is a dynamic and user-centric to-do/homework app. It's designed to offer users flexibility without sacrificing clarity or overwhelming complexity.
About the Approach
The approach to this project centers on a user-centric foundation. User research guided the design phase in Figma, ensuring the understanding of user needs. Currently I am in the development stage of the app using Swift UI.
App Design & Development
2022 – now
"due." is the ultimate companion for students, aiming to simplify the university experience. With familiar and intuitive iOS interactions, it's designed to effortlessly integrate into learned user experience. The app's goal is simple: to bring order to academic chaos. It achieves this through a clear task system, allowing users to break down complex projects into singular tasks, which can be neatly grouped within the modules.

Equipped with essential functions such as reminders, deadlines, notes, location tagging, ‘due.’ ensures no detail gets overlooked. Its  features include a calendar view, list format, and an ordered layout for efficient task prioritization. All this functionality is wrapped in a fresh design, ensuring a visually engaging experience that resonates with its target audience.

Try out this prototype, I would love your feedback!

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