Projects Overview
Since 2018, I've been working self-employed as a UI/UX designer and web developer. Here, you'll find a showcase of my favorite projects. Thank you to all my clients for their trust and collaboration.
My Approach
My websites are developed using the CMS platforms Typo3, Wordpress, or Statamic. Proficient in Docker, Git, and Node.js, I like to build modern web applications. Additionally, for smaller projects, I'm keen on utilizing no-code software like Webflow.
About me
I'm passionate about bringing brands to life through digital solutions. Adding dynamic animations and interactive elements to websites is what I enjoy the most. I strive to create sites that not only look good but are also functional and easy to manage for clients.

It is important to me to work closely together as a team, ensuring we bring your vision to life. If this approach resonates with you, then let's get in touch! Together, we can make your website truly stand out.

stefan zweIg zentrum

The Stefan Zweig Zentrum is a space for literature, art, culture and knowledge enthusiasts.
Designing and developing the website for them has been a super interesting project.

other prOjects

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